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Dive-Disco Everybody lovin' bar 🍸 🎶 located in the heart of Roba area, where you can get a double without trouble 🍻 We are open every day.

About us

🏳️‍🌈Dive-Disco Everybody lovin’ bar, 🎶 where you can get a double without trouble🍺🍷☕ 👉The FlyAF bar is for people who want to hang out, drink up, get down, dance & play. We have planned a lot of fun for you, so let’s lighten up this dark winter by celebrating life as it should be!

FlyAF is a new-age everybody lovin´ bar that does not dig traditions and despises prejudice. Instead, our mission is to start and lead a new era of celebrating diversity and healthy hedonism along with a few wicked tricks, wanna know what they are? Come and visit our bar at Annankatu 4, and check out our social media Flyafbarhelsinki and flyafbar.

During summer time we are going to flip this bar around and spice up your life with something fresh, so you could enjoy the sun on the terrace and admire the buzz of the busiest area in Iso Roba.

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Address: Annankatu 4 Helsinki


  1. Ed 6 May 2023

    Hi, this is a question without prejudice or agenda…. I’ve been looking for a disco, house, soul, funk groove in my long relationship with Finland and, have rarely found it. This sounds ideal. Now the difficult bit.. I’m straight… is this a gay bar? Or are all welcome? As I said, without prejudice or agenda.
    Best regards. Ed. 👍

    • admin 7 May 2023 — Post author

      Hey Ed!
      We are Everybody-loving bar, meaning all of us are welcome here, we are a more international Disco bar in Helsinki. Hope to see you soon.

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